Outreach Programme

NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME To instill the willingness for selfless service and consideration for fellow human beings, DSCW NSS undertakes social work on a large scale in and around Ferozepur. At present, there are 1.5 units and 150 volunteers in the role. The DSCW NSS Unit has adopted a village named Dulchi Ke, District Ferozepur for providing the community services. NSS Volunteers pay regular visits to Lepers’ Home, Blind Home, Gaushala, Slum areas, etc. N.S.S organizes a special camp every year. In addition to inculcating community services, NSS academically benefits the volunteers as they get a 3% weightage in aggregate if they achieve a ‘C’  certificate.

RED RIBBON SOCIETY  Red Ribbon Society of the college conducts regular activities to encourage voluntary Blood Donation and increase awareness on AIDS and Drugs related issues. Dr. Sanya Gill, Nodal Officer of the society supervises all the activities throughout the year to prepare the youth as peer educators of change in the society by developing skills in Leadership, Communication, and Team Building.

BUDDY GROUP  To educate the students about the ill effects of Drug Abuse and generate positive peer influence, DSCW has formed several groups under the Buddy Group Programme. Dr. Rukinder Kaur and the senior buddy members of this program organize weekly activities as per the requirements of the Buddy program.

UBA : UNNAT BHARAT ABHIYAN is inspired by the vision of transformational change in the rural development process with the help of educational institutions. Keeping in mind the same vision, the UBA cell of the College has adopted a cluster of five villages namely Chuchakwind, Ferozeshah, Hardasa, Gatti Rajjo ke, and Waloor to improve literacy rate, initiate organic farming, tree plantation and sensitize the villagers towards sanitation and cleanliness.


Mrs. Sapna Badhwar, DeanOutreach Programme, DSCW, Ferozepur