Chairman’s Message

I am immensely jubilant to share that Dev Samaj College For Women Ferozepur is one of the greatest educational institutes in northern India and has been imparting quality education to women since 1934. The college has carved its niche in the field of higher education by accomplishing several matchless accolades and honors. Deeply inspired by the vision of our most revered founder Bhagwan Dev Atma and adhering to the motto of empowering women by making them fully skilled and competent, the college is offering a wide spectrum of several innovative courses on its salubrious campus. Having quite a liberal and unorthodox bent of mind, we fully understand the fact that change is the law of nature. Therefore, the resisting transition is not in the interest of society in any manner. We have observed that these days there is a tectonic shift in the fiefdom of higher education. The conventional moribund courses are being gradually replaced with their new innovative skilled variants. Hence, bearing in mind, the changing scenario, it becomes imperative for a quality educational institute to embrace that transition and flow with the latest modifications. Here, I must wholeheartedly applaud DSCW Ferozepur for keeping abreast of the shifting ethos in the educational landscape as the college has been intensely focusing on disseminating excellent modern-day education which indubitably caters to the variegated needs of the young strata of society. Studying under the able tutelage of the most erudite officiating principal Dr. Sangeeta, Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur City, and the highly chiseled faculty, the students of DSCW Ferozepur have excelled in various areas and I am also fully sanguine that their journey of excellence will continue as here the faculty and the students strive to achieve with the utmost amount of perseverance and toil.

Shriman Nirmal Singh Ji Dhillon
Secretary, Dev Samaj,
Chairman, Dev Samaj College for Women,
Ferozepur City