Our Alumnae – Our Pride

Dear alumnae..

It gives me immense pleasure to further these indissoluble ties with you. Hope you are all doing lucratively well in your careers and climbing new zeniths of success each passing day. You, my dear students are our prized possession and valued ambassadors. We crave for your persistent association with us.  You are an integral part of DSCW fraternity, our present achievement and future hope.  I am extremely happy to share with you that your alma mater which has efficaciously provided more than 86 years unparalleled educational opportunities to students and become India’s No.1 College in its NAAC re-accreditation in 2013-14, has recently secured the coveted status of ‘College of Excellence’.

To commemorate the grand achievements of which you too remain an inseparable part, DSCW has decided to make an album consisting of the commendable achievements of our meritorious alumna.

To become the part of the album which will be passed on to the next generation of the students to emulate, we want to reach out and connect with you, no matter where you may be.  It is my pleasure to invite you to connect with us through email (principaldscw@yahoo.com), along with your passport size photograph, present work status/higher education status and a brief message. 


Sarla Grewal
1st Lady Officer
1st Lady Deputy Commissioner,
Shimla & Governor of M.P.

Dev Priya Bali
1st Lady M.B.B.S.
Harding Medical College
New Delhi 

Sushila Arora
1st Lady Magistrate

Prem Shikha
1st Income-tax Officer
at Mumbai

Santosh Madhoke
1st Income-tax Officer
at Delhi

Manila Chugh
Civil Judge cum
Judicial Magistrate

Dr. Lalita
Scientist in R & D
EI (CSIR), New Delhi

Dr. Renu
Reader Mathematics Dept.
P.U. Chandigarh

Dr. Parwinder
Asst. Agronomist,
P.A.U. Ldh.

Dr. Mamta
Associate Prof.
Govt. College Ldh.

Program Manager,
Science Deptt.
New Cassel College, U.K.

Project Assistant
Level-II, CSIO

Dr. Nidhi Sood
OSF Hospital
Peoria (Illinois), USA

Dr. Priya Katyal
Mission Hospital
Ferozepur City

Dr. Harleen
Rural Medical Officer