Principal’s Message

Dr Ramnita Sharda
Principal, Dev Samaj College For Women

Dear Students,

I extend a hearty welcome to you all as you step into the virtual or real premises of this great seat of learning, the Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur. The institution has stood tall in the border town,committed to the cause of women education for 87 years, braving the onslaught of time and turmoil of partition. Founded by the great Saint and Visionary leader Bhagwan Devatma ji, the institution imparts value based, job oriented, holistic education that focuses on development of a temperament built on the strong foundation of scientific enquiry and complete freedom from dogmatic ideologies. Run under the aegis of the Dev Samaj Managing Committee, headed by Shriman Nirmal Singh Dhillon ji, a great prescient and the man with anAvantGarde vision the institution renders a unique flavor to your crucial formative years of career. The college envisages to carve you into global citizens who are at once responsible and sensitive, intelligent and empathetic, caring and daring, affectionate and firm.

As I greet you on joining this institution, amidst all the chaos of the world caught by COVID-19, I assure you that we will provide the best of the knowledge in best of the atmosphere, virtual or real, whichever mode it may come to. Your experience of college life will be enriched holistically, as we not only teach through online mode, we also conduct all kinds of activities to keep you happy, healthy and gainfully engaged in the process of learning.

Dear Young ladies, the world is going through a transition period, we are a part of this cataclysmic change, we must emerge stronger than the catastrophe that has struck us. We must be prepared to learn, unlearn and relearn in order to overcome this challenge.

I look forward to your active engagement in the process of teaching and learning that we are offering here at DSCW, Ferozepur.

Wishing you good health and all the very best in life.