The Youth Welfare Department

The Department of Youth Welfare, being an important part of the DSCW, has been working for the overall development of the students. It was set up in 1992. DSCW always salutes the rich cultural and traditional values of India and has, thus, acquired the role of an Indian Ambassador, spreading the message of Indianism and its heritage not only in India but abroad as well. With the objective of nurturing the young minds and for their balanced growth and development, the Department of Youth Welfare organizes a number of activities every year. As the department encourages the young students to come forward to prove themselves by participating in various creative activities in the same way the active participation of the students in these activities encourages the department to provide them with more opportunities for their overall development. DSCW under the Panjab University Chandigarh has the honor of receiving the ‘Panjab University Vice-Chancellor Trophy’ for consecutively three years. DSCW Students have also represented Panjab University in Intervarsity and National Youth festivals and brought laurels to the college. In 2021-22 DSCW won the Overall Trophy of Panjab University Zonal Youth & Heritage Festival and also secured a place among the Top 10 colleges in the 62nd Inter-Zonal Youth & Heritage Festival.